Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why not an RV/mobile home/camper/pop-up?
    • I prefer the aesthetics of a tiny house on a trailer. The ability to customize a tiny home is infinite, and they tend to look more like houses on foundations. Also, tiny houses use more heavy-duty insulation and are meant to be lived-in year round (though I do realize some people live in RVs full-time, too). RVs are meant for travel and are made with lightweight materials. My tiny house will be moveable as a feature, but I won’t be moving more than once a year if that often – so I can choose heavier materials and customize the look and feel to my own tastes.
    • Tiny House Design has a great article about the differences: Tiny House vs Camping Trailer
    • Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life has a good explanation of his own: The difference between a tiny house a mobile home or trailer?




  • Where are you going to park it?
    • I have some ideas, but I’m not too worried about it. The tiny house dwellers in my area haven’t had any issues finding parking spots.
    • Macy’s take on this question: Where can you park a tiny house?