Tiny house rentals (and how to search Airbnb for tiny houses)

Staying in a tiny house for a weekend is a great way to get a personal feel for the space of a tiny house.

If you can find openings, you could always stay at a tiny house hotel:

There are some other sites geared toward tiny house rentals (such as tinyhousevacations.com), but I hesitate to recommend them because there doesn’t seem to be a safeguard company in place to act as mediator if you or the homeowner should need to resolve a dispute. (In other words, read the fine print, and use at your own risk.)

Another option is to rent a privately-owned property through Airbnb. On the Airbnb website, you can search by whole house rental or private room rental, but there is currently no way to easily filter the results by tiny house.

Google search to the rescue!

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