Earth Day Texas “Tiny House Exhibit” Info Roundup


Earth Day Texas 2016 “Tiny House Exhibit” photo courtesy of Christian Parsons at Tiny House Expedition (


Below is a collection of information regarding this year’s tiny house-related events at Earth Day Texas. I will continue to update this post with relevant information, so feel free to bookmark it and refer back as the date approaches.

The main page for the Earth Day Tiny House Village Exhibit is now live, here:

For up-to-the-minute updates, you’ll want to keep an eye on these sites:

What is this event? Read more about the yearly Earth Day Texas festival, held at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas (this year it’s April 21st-23rd) here:

For the fourth year running, Beth Ann Norrgard (of has arranged to host a handful of tiny houses for people to walk through and see in person, as well as talk to the homeowners. In addition to those open houses, we’ll also be hosting some tiny house builders for those who are interested in having someone else build their tiny for them!

What about the waiting lines? We heard your concerns last year about the long, confusing lines, and this year we have a solution. We’ll have the homes in different areas across the festival grounds in smaller “neighborhoods.” This will separate the crowds, and allow for easier flows of traffic throughout the day. The setup will be very similar to our tiny house exhibit set up at the Taste of Dallas event last year, if you were there.

In order to attend the tiny house tours, a ticket will be required. The ticket is $5 and must be purchased at the event (look for the table in front of the tiny house exhibits). Those tickets are good for all tiny house tour stops, but does NOT include the Tiny House Community and Zoning Workshops (more on that below).

If you’d like to volunteer to help us manage the exhibit, email me at Volunteers get a private tour of the homes on Thursday evening before the event opens to the public on Friday morning!

As mentioned above, there will be a workshop offered by the Tiny House Collaborative on Saturday and again on Sunday (8am to 12:30pm each day). The title of the workshop is “Tiny House Community and Zoning Workshop.” There is a $99 fee for the workshop, and you can get more details on their website here: Tiny House Community Creation Workshops and BA’s blog post here.

Other details:

If you have more questions I haven’t covered here, please check the Earth Day Texas FAQ page, and then email me at and I’ll update the post with your question and an answer if I have it.

Thanks, and hope to see you there!

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