What’s happening?


Earth Day Texas festival tiny house exhibit, homeowners and volunteers, April 24, 2016. Photo courtesy of Tiny House Expedition.

The #tinyhousetribe has been BUSY this past year!

Our tiny house meetup group has grown exponentially – over 1500 members! We’ve held numerous hands-on workshops, lectures, and tiny house tours for the public, and have made friendships that go far beyond tiny houses.

Here’s a handful of the things we’ve been up to here in Dallas:

  • “What is a tiny house?” Roanoke Public Library (lecture and Q&A)
  • Meetings with the city of Garland (this isn’t currently a viable option for the city and has been tabled)
  • Framing and window installation workshop (hands-on workshop)
  • Tiny house tour and mixer at BA’s (house tour and social meetup)
  • Tiny House Build dvd watching parties (thanks Andrew and Gabriella!)
  • SIPs workshop (hands-on workshop, courtesy of Terraform Tiny House)
  • Electrical and plumbing workshop (hands-on workshop)
  • Let’s hang out and talk tiny (social meetup)
  • Meetings with the city of Dallas’ Housing Department (this tiny house community is currently on hold)
  • Earth Day Texas festival, 2016 (9 tiny house tours and Q&A)
  • Taste of Dallas festival, 2016 (6 tiny house tours)
  • Tiny house charades (social meetup)
  • Coffee talk with BA (Q&A session)
  • Siding workshop (hands-on workshop)
  • Ask Me Anything online sessions (with local tiny house dwellers/builders)
  • Frequent online discussions in the Facebook group

Sounds fun, right? And educational! We are so lucky to have such a vibrant community.

There are lots of future events planned, too! Locally, Cory, Robert, and I are planning a combination lecture/social meetup that covers tiny house research and design. Not-so-locally, the Tiny House Jamboree is coming up in Colorado Springs in August! And we have more meetups and lectures planned for the near future in DFW, including introduction to SketchUp classes and workshops on how to build your own tiny house tiny model!

We also love when you come up with ideas and host meetups too – we’ll even help you promote them – just contact me (jet@bookendtiny.com) or Beth Ann Norrgard (our meetup group founder/admin) and we’ll get it all set up!

Keep tabs on the DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts’ pages (Facebook and Meetup) for details, and hope you can join us soon!

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