Earth Day Texas “Tiny House Exhibit” Info Roundup


Earth Day Texas 2016 “Tiny House Exhibit” photo courtesy of Christian Parsons at Tiny House Expedition (


Below is a collection of information regarding this year’s tiny house-related events at Earth Day Texas. I will continue to update this post with relevant information, so feel free to bookmark it and refer back as the date approaches. Continue reading “Earth Day Texas “Tiny House Exhibit” Info Roundup”

Meetup: Tiny house design and research

Earlier today, Cory, Robert, and I hosted a meetup lecture and social hour centered around Tiny House Design and Research. Our slides are shared below for those who couldn’t join us, or who want to review them.



If there’s anything we didn’t cover that you’d like to see in the future, or if there are things we went over today that you’d like to hear more details about, please email me at so we can consider it for future events. Thanks!